No ads, no data abuse. A new social network.

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A social network with no ads.

Carbonatic treats you like a human, not a walking billboard. Carbonatic does not mine your data or use third-party trackers. We do not use your private information.

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A giving network.

We're making Carbonatic carbon-neutral. This means our office, transport, food, and lifestyles have a net-zero effect on the levels of carbon dioxide in the environment.

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All the features you would expect.

Create posts, send pictures and video, follow friends or interests, be followed, create hashtags, customise your profile, direct message friends, and more.

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And a few new ones.

Privatise posts, send them only to your followers, unlist them from the public timeline, create content warnings, set keyword or phrase filters, and more.

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So let's do this.

Be part of a community that respects its individuals and promotes a new chapter in social media. You deserve to maintain the integrity of your own privacy.

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